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2019 BBQ Cook-Off Winners

Cook-off winners
1st Einstein cookers
2nd Blowing smoke
3rd Garret St

1st .08 & over
2nd Sweating Hogs
3rd Blowing smoke
4th Barnyard cookers
5th Come and take it cookers
6th Wild West cookers

Dutch oven
1st Einstein cookers
2nd All in one
3rd Drop'em dead
4th Stafford ice House cookers
5th Slap yer mama
6th Hot of the grill

Pork loin
1st Q'ed up cookers
2nd Hot damn cookers
3rd JP cooking Co
4th Hot off the grill
5th Trammel cookers
6th Einstein cookers

1st Drop'em dead
2nd Garret St
3rd Hot damn cookers
4th JP cooking Co
5th Monster cookers
6th Blowing smoke

1st Sweating Hogs
2nd Big Papa's BBQ Co
3rd Redneck cookers
4th Garret St
5th Brew dogs
6th Crossroads BBQ

1st smoking wild hawgs
2nd Hot damn cookers
3rd Drop'em dead
4th Nutting But Wood
5th Crossroads BBQ
6th Garret St

Overall winner
Hot damn cookers

The villians of grillin




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