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How to Enter: Design and make your own Barn Quilt, on “any material” including wood, metal, plexiglass or fabric, or paint it directly on your building or fence. If your entry is permanently fixed to your home, please photograph it and it will be judged from the photo.

**Entries should be brought to Harvest Park Pavilion on Thursday October 19, between 5-7pm. Please attach a hanging wire or hooks to your quilt so that it can be displayed. Wooden quilts which are excessively heavy or large may be propped up and viewed standing.
Please come prepared to help hang your quilt. Quilts will be displayed for the entire festival and can be picked up on Sunday, October 22 before 5 o’clock pm.

Barn Quilts Contact:
S.Pugh - Needville Harvest Festival Committee
Phone: (713) 870 5131

For more information about Barn Quilts and quilt pattern ideas go to:  /


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